Primo Microphones, Inc. USA is an ISO 9001 Certified original equipment manufacturer of Dynamic, Electret Condenser Microphones and Receivers that are used inside devices around the world.   We received our ISO certification in November 1998 by SGS International Certification Services.

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Committed to our customers satisfaction, we provide acoustic solutions and defect-free quality products delivered on time. We take pride in maintaining our standards through ongoing checks and balances.

Our employees are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the very best products and customer support. Ongoing employee training, supplier audits and internal auditing of processes, keep us compliant and focused.

ISO 9001:2015

Design, Manufacture, Installation, Servicing and Distribution of Audio Equipment

Primo is truly dedicated to our Customer’s Business.


From start to finish, our Primo staff specializes in assisting our customers with their engineering challenges quickly and reliably. Our in-house engineering experts are always ready to confront any situation from the smallest to the largest, most complicated tasks. To yield the highest performance from our product, we can utilize customer’s engineering specifications or custom design them, often at no additional cost. With an onsite machine shop for prototype runs and our extensive manufacturing facilities, we can easily accomplish low volume startups to high volume continuous runs. Our computer-aided testing lab, complete with an anechoic chamber, assures products achieve design efficiency and ultimate performance.

3d models / circuit design / fixture design / specialized process instructions / design analysis and modifications

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Primo offers services as manual or mechanical assembly, soldering, ultra-sonic welding and electronic testing of pilot and volume production. We can assist with your requested services and provide an entire turn-key operation. Our convenient location is 35 miles northeast of the Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport allowing for quick easy means of shipping and distribution.

Soldering / Wire Harness Assemblies / Rubber Boots and housing / acoustic testing / full custom assemblies / telephone handsets / ultrasonic welding / Custom packaging and kits / prototypes / rework and tEar downs

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