Primo Microphones, Inc.


Primo Microphones, Inc. USA is an ISO 9001 Certified original equipment manufacturer of Dynamic, Electret Condenser Microphones and Receivers that are used inside devices around the world.

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our expertise


3D Models / Circuit Design / fixture design / specialized process instructions / design analysis and modifications


Soldering / Wire Harness Assemblies / Rubber Boots and housing / acoustic testing / full custom assemblies / telephone handsets / ultrasonic welding / Custom packaging and kits / prototypes / rework and tEar downs

state-of-the-art facilities

At Primo, we believe exceptional products create their own market demand.  New products continous to be introduced through our R&D department.



From handsfree calling and active noise cancellation, to sensors that make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable, our microphones can change the industry with quality, robust designs to last a vehicle's lifespan.


From near and far field pickup to mic array technologies that can provide clear speech in a full duplex video conferencing application. Primo's low noise microphones are the keys to developing high-end quality systems.


In a world of noise, Primo has solutions to reduce and cancel the noise in voice pickup devices such as headsets, speaker phones and head or body worn wireless units. Primo's robust quality and experience will help improve your next product.


Modern medicine requires new technologies and designs that improve our health and wellness. Devices like digital stethoscopes, heart rate monitors as well as patient and surgical communications, these are becoming the standard in care.


Intercoms, radios, gooseneck or desktop mics are key acoustic transducers that convert a voice into a signal. You can trust that Primo will deliver quality solutions to make your communication device transparent.


The mobile industry has transformed our lives with smartphones, smart features and smart designs. Primo's quality and experience is the smart choice for your next mobile device.


From traditional telephone handsets to cutting edge wide-band VOIP technologies, Primo's microphones and receivers are designed to handle the ever-changing telephone industry.


This category is Primo's specialty because it requires high-end performance and quality to be accurate across a wide spectrum of sound. Devices like gas detection, reference standards, environmental monitors to volcano or blast detection.


From live concert sound to recording a movie, pro-audio microphones are critical to the clarity of the sound. Primo's products are use inside many major brands from vocal mics to shotgun camera mics, our quality is perfect for professional and amateurs alike.


Technology is used to protect and monitor people around the world. Microphones can be used in surveillance, sensors, monitors and even discharged firearm detection that can alert police. Custom microphones are critical to the performance of all security devices.